Education and training

Since its founding, FOCHTA’s mission has been to support secondary school education for children in families devastated by HIV/AIDS. Primary education in Malawi is free, but many children do not attend high school because they cannot afford the fees of approximately AUD$400 (USD$300) per year. Students who have lost one or both parents to HIV/AIDS are particularly prone to dropping out as they must often work to support the family or care for younger siblings.

FOCHTA’s programs aim to assist vulnerable students and their families, supporting their education and giving them a chance to build a better future for themselves and their communities. We are active in fostering opportunities for girls and young women, whose education plays a particularly crucial role in improving outcomes in health, nutrition, education and prosperity for families and communities.

To date, FOCHTA has funded secondary schooling for over 1648 children across Thyolo District, with 120 enrolled in 2010.  Please help us secure a future for Thyolo’s children. Your donation of A$400 (US$300) will cover a child’s secondary school fees for one year. Meet our students.

In addition to the children being supported through secondary school, the following students are currently supported by FOCHTA in tertiary and vocational colleges:


1.  Amadu Bwanali, B.Ed final year, Catholic University (a 4 yr course)

2.  Aaron Mwafulirwa. B.Sc (Physiotherapy), 1st year, College of Medicine (5 yr)

3.  Treasa Thomas, B.Sc 1st yr, Chancellor College, University of Malawi (4 yr)

4.  Brenda Jeremia, B.Sc (Nursing & Midwifery) 1st yr, Kamuzu College of Nursing (4 yr)

5.  Violet Mlozi, B.Sc (Education-Technical), 1st yr, Polytechnic University (4 yr)

6. Dyna Mhanke, B.Sc 1st yr, Chancellor College, University of Malawi (4 yr)

7. John Kenala, B.Sc (Physical Planning) 1st yr, Polytechnic University (4 yr)

8. Henry Kadam’maja, B.Sc (Land Economy) 1st yr, Polytechnic (4 yr)

9. Austin Kambalame, B.Sc (Irrigation Engineering) 1st yr, Bunda College  of Agriculture (4 yr)

10. Wilson Saikonde, B.Sc (Agriculture) 1st yr, Bunda College of Agriculture (4 yr)

11.Douglas Namame, B.Sc (Physiotherapy) 1st yr, College of Medicine (5 yr)

Note: above nos. 2 to 4 started uni in early 2010, 5 to 11 starting in early 2010.

(Clara Lemani & Dyton Liphale have graduated in early 2010)

Post-secondary college

1.  Enock Naphazi, Journalism Diploma, 1 yr course, Malawi Institute of Journalism

2.  Otis Byson, Teacher Certificate 1st yr, Lilongwe Teachers Training College (2 yr course)

3.  Funali Malata, Clinical Medicine Diploma 1st yr (3 yr course), Malamulo College of Health Sciences

4.  Charles Price, Registered Nursing Diploma 1st yr (4 yr course), Malawi College of Health Sciences

5.  Christopher Lawrence, Limbe Police Training School, 1 yr course