FOCHTA Vocational Centre

Although FOCHTA Malawi has offices for its administrative staff, it has very limited space in which to run programs such as the Youth Club and counselling. In 2006, FOCHTA Australia began planning and fundraising for the construction of a new building, the FOCHTA Youth Training Centre.

The Centre, designed by Sydney architect Sam Crawford, was opened in February 2015. Apart from serving as a vocational training centre, it also houses the FOCHTA office. This is the only vocational training centre in the whole district, hence has received blessing from the Malawian Government as well as TEVETA. TEVETA or Technical Entrepreneurship  Vocation & Training Authority is a quasi-government organization that endorses our training programme as well as sending students to do courses in our centre. 

Courses conducted are IT, Tailoring, Carpentry and Community Development. There are four classrooms, a workshop shed for carpentry, teachers’ room, library and meeting room. The premise is located in a tranquil rural area two kilometres outside of Luchenza.