How you can help

FOCHTA believes that education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty in which so many are trapped. We believe that it is especially important to give girls the same opportunity to attend school as their brothers have.

We have to date funded secondary schooling for over 2,300 young people in Thyolo District of Malawi. 17 students have graduated in universities, 8 are now undergraduates. In addition, over 90 students have obtained diplomas or certificates in tertiary colleges, having completed courses in primary school teaching, nursing, clinical science and other trades. On average AUD $350 a year will support a child at school and that includes the supply of uniforms and other essentials. However, as little as AUD $5 can make a difference when grandmother decides whether a girl must also have that chance.

Schools in Malawi are sadly lacking in resources. Our students have cited lack of text and reference books as one of their biggest worries. You might like to help our students by donating funds to go to one of FOCHTA’s Youth and Community libraries.

Our grandmothers deserve all the help that it’s possible to give. They are so frequently left supporting singlehandedly their orphaned grandchildren. A goat can be bought by FOCHTA, wormed and vaccinated, for AUD $65. A beehive costs around AUD $50.

As a not-for-profit organisation, all funds you donate will go to where they are most needed.