FOCHTA’s First Beneficiary Is Now a Pastor

Dyton Liphale was one of our first secondary school student beneficiaries shortly after our inception in 2003. During that time, there were also several notable students who have since become very successful in their professional lives. These include Clara Lemani, who later graduated in M Sc (Statistical Science), Amadu Bwanani, who completed a Bachelor degree in Social Science and Charles Sokoso, who became a farm animal management expert and is currently the vice-chairman of our Board of Trustees. 

Through FOCHTA, Dyton was later supported by Peter Downie in Australia, to study a Bachelor of Education. Afterwards, he worked as a teacher, and also started a school to train IT students. But his passion was always to help others, so he continued his studies and obtained a Master Degree in Sociology.

In 2015, he went to Cape Town. Because of his passion in relating to people, he was assigned a church there to be its pastor. This he finds most rewarding. As Dyton says: “ I find that South African people are very good and I like them very much. But then a church is a most complex institution in that one is encouraged to embrace even the worst of characters that one may encounter. But since in my view the Church is the last hope for people to change, thus by God’s grace, I am managing without problems”.

Dyton married two years ago, and he still goes back to visit Malawi from time to time. He said he never forgets what FOCHTA has done for him, and that, “ I am FOCHTA, and be assured that the FOCHTA aspiration will never cease. And although I am out of the country, my heart, spirit and prayers will always be with FOCHTA”.

Apart from serving as a pastor, Dyton still finds time to do some real estate business together with his brother in Malawi. He is also at the moment doing a one-year diploma course in social work.


Posted on: Thursday, 16 January 2020 at: 6:36 pm
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