A Report on A Student Workshop

Date conducted: 8-5-2022

Key Facilitators: Ireen Miteche, BA - Education/Language & Chifundo Makwinja, B Sc - Nutrition & Food Science, both former FOCHTA beneficiaries. Irene is a school teacher and Chifundo is working for AIDS Health Care Foundation as a clinical officer & Food for Health Program coordinator.

1.0 Introduction

Patience Kambwani welcomed the two guest speakers and the 34 students (15 girls and 19 boys) from 8 schools who attended. This was followed by a Form 3 student Audrey who gave an opening prayer. The speakers then introduced themselves, telling them of their professions, their family background and how they have reached this point professionally in their lives. They also gave encouragement to students saying that they too could achieve the same if they work hard.

2.0 Key issues Discussed

2.1 Nutrition and Education: Mr. Chifundo Makwinja highlighted issues of household food security. He said food insecurity often prevents students from functioning normally in social settings due to a poorer physical quality of life. He highlighted that, apart from basic nutrition, it also impacts student’s heath resulting to ongoing short and long-term health problems. He said it is good for students to be aware of good eating habits and importance of eating balanced diet whilst schooling since it leads to educational achievement. He encouraged students to take this message which carries information on the nutritional value of foods that will help them to make the best choice of food for an adequate diet in their respective homes.

2.2 Reading techniques: Miss Ireen Miteche said students were wondering why they keep on failing exams although they have studied hard. She gave advice on reading techniques in order to pass examinations. She said student’s reading skills are important to their success in schools as this will allow them to access the breadth of the curriculum and improve their communication and language skills. She differentiated scanning, active reading, active critical reading, skimming, intensive and extensive reading.

2.3 The importance of computer education to students: Miss Alambeje Daniel highlighted the importance of being computer literate. She said having computer skills will help students to get better jobs because they must be keeping pace with time and technology in future.

2.4 Mrs. Hilda Mtiya encouraged students to work extra hard.

3.0 Challenges encountered
Time management: The meeting started much later than the planned time.

4.0 Key Lessons Learnt

4.1 Marriage is not an option to eradicate poverty.

4.2 Working hard will help students to do better in exams.

4.3 Education is a key to success

5.0 Recommendations
FOCHTA should continue hosting such workshops as a way of offering them fresh knowledge; inspiring and encouraging students to do better; and to show solidarity among them all.

6.0 Apart from the two guest speakers conducting the workshop, there were entertainments of songs, drama and poetry reading. Judging by the many questions students had asked the speakers, it has shown their keenness of the event.

FOCHTA would like to thank Mrs. Hilda Mtya and her grassroots committee colleagues in preparing lunch for the speakers, students and staff members attending. The cost of running this workshop was underwritten by our Patron Mr Claude Ho.

Prepared by:
Patience Kambwani
Acting Executive Director.
Date: 9-5-22

Posted on: Sunday, 8 May 2022 at: 11:43 pm
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