Library built in Mountain View

A new rural library opened in the Mountain View Community. Similar to the FOCHTA Nangombe Rural Library in structure, it is FOCHTA’s third. It’s construction and stocking with books was made possible through generous donations from The Association Entraide Solidarities in Strasbourg, from Dr & Mrs Ferrin in Singapore and from Erika Clusserath in Belgium.

The rural libraries aim to serve all those living in these remote areas. The Head Teacher of Nang’ombe Secondary School states that the public school examination pass rate has improved since the opening of the library in that community, and believes that access to the library for his students is a contributing factor. 

In August 2009, Claude Ho made his annual visit to Malawi and was delighted to see happy faces on the children using the libraries. Impressed by the contribution libraries make, he is determined to establish a fourth rural library during 2010, and is appealing to donors make this a reality.

Posted on: Monday, 3 August 2009 at: 8:57 pm
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