Important Appointments for FOCHTA

FOCHTA Board of Trustees is pleased to announce that Steven Labana has been appointed to be its president and Charles Sokoso to be its new chairman. Steven has been working for Medecins Sans Frontieres Belgium since 1998. He is now its Knowledge Manager, the first African national ever to hold that position. FOCHTA is very appreciative of Steven’s contribution in the last seventeen years. Charles was our student beneficiary. He is a farm animal management expert working as a Livestock Officer in an NGO called Emmanuel International Malawi. Charles has been a loyal and active member of our board, and had also worked for us before. He is thus fully conversant of our organisation. 

FOCHTA is very thankful that between the two of them, with their standing in the wider community, we will move from strength to strength.




Posted on: Friday, 14 February 2020 at: 8:34 pm
Filed under: Malawi news