Annie Khoviwa

Annie Khoviwa, 16, started  Form 2 in September. Annie has several brothers and sisters. Both of her parents left home some years ago to look for work, but never returned. Since then, her three sisters and two brothers have moved out to look for work. Annie has been supported by her elder sister who earns a meagre living selling smoked fish. Annie is a good  and bright student. She came 7 out of 51 in class position. Her favourite subjects are science and maths and she hopes someday to be a nurse. In her spare time, she likes to compose songs, poetry and drama. FOCHTA is very mindful of her living conditions. With her resilience and positive outlook, and with encouragement and care by FOCHTA, she will no doubt go far in her life. 




Posted on: Sunday, 13 October 2019 at: 9:38 pm
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