A hearty congratulations to our FOCHTA chair

Keith Mwitiwa, the Chair of FOCHTA has recently graduated in a a master degree M Sc - Management Studies, from the Malawi School of Government, majoring in health management systems and policy. Prior to that, he had graduated in B Sc - Nursing & Midwifery, one of three FOCHTA beneficiaries who had obtained that degree.

Keith is currently working as a project officer coordinating implementation of Single Justification Eligibility Project (SEJ), focusing on HIV diagnostic and referral to prevention, care and treatment. This work involves supervising 11 health facilities in Lilongwe, the capital of Malawi, and one health facility in Mzuzu, about 370km north.

Keith’s mother passed away when he was 12 , and he never knew his father because they divorced when Keith was 2 years old. Keith has seven siblings of which he is the 6th born. Three of his siblings are employed with one works as a data analyst, one a teacher and the other a nurse.

Keith has taken upon himself to take care of his siblings. This includes supporting his sister when she was in nursing college; assisting his brother who was at secondary school; supporting his brother to complete his nursing course as well as supporting the other sister doing her studies in clinical medicine.

FOCHTA is very proud to have supported him since he started secondary schooling. And now, in return, he is chairing our board with the aim of, as he said, trying to help those students who are following his footsteps. He says: “it is my greatest honor to be entrusted with this role which demands a passion to coordinate, mobilize and mentor the upcoming beneficiaries. this then enables them to see life from a positive perspective despite their daily negative encounters. Growing up as an orphan like myself is never an easy route as it demands total self guidance; one cannot be young and responsible at the same time. That’s why FOCHTA comes in to be that parent who provides guidance and assist them to lighten their paths”. …

Posted on: Sunday, 21 January 2024 at: 7:46 pm
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