With Bicycles, Students No Longer Need to Walk Long Distances to Schoo

Tamandan Elaton, aged 13, is now in Form 1. Previously, she had to walk over two hours, a distance of 9km to school each day. Now, her life is made much easier with the donation of one of several bicycles by several Australians. Tamandan’s father left the family when she was only three, leaving her mother to struggle with raising the three children. Tamandan is the youngest in the family, with two elder brothers. FOCHTA staff constantly monitor the living condition of children like Tamandan to make sure their basic needs are being met.

Sharon Chalamwendo, aged 16, is in Form 3. Her mother died when she was three and her father died when she was 9. She and her siblings now live with their aging grandmother. Her school is 7km away, a very tiring round trip each day in the heat. 

Another student beneficiary Kondwani Tengani, aged 15, is also the recipient of a bicycle. Tengani needs to walk 7km to school. 

FOCHTA is very thankful to Ms Nancie Horne and Mr & Mrs Ken Harris for making those donations. In addition, a number of solar lamps have been donated by them as well as by Ms Nola Charles. 


Posted on: Friday, 25 January 2019 at: 9:47 am
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