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Brenda Jeremia, We are very happy to learn that Brenda has been appointed as an examiner by Kamuzu College of Nursing based at Lilongwe. This was the college she attended. Brenda obtained a degree in B Sc (Nursing & Midwifery) and is currently working at Queen Elizabeth Hospital which is the largest in the country, located at Blantyre. She is in charge of the antenatal ward with 64 beds, including 24 for delivery. On average, they have 30 deliveries every day and about 850 deliveries every month. Under Brenda are seven nurses, with one a university graduate. There are also three doctors. Brenda is married to Emmanuel, an accountant and has a son Tanthwe, aged 3.

 Joseph Zikologa studied Community Development in our college.  Later, he obtained a distinction for level 4 that was conducted by UK’s ABMA. Thanks to the support of Genevieve Bielen in Belgium, he is now able to sit for his Level 5 exams. It is his wish to make use of his learning to contribute to poverty eradication by working in an organization that deals with that problem.

 Enock obtained a diploma in journalism. Previously, he worked for a Christian Radio Station. He is currently working as a correspondent  for the Nation newspaper, the leading paper in the country. He said that through his job, he has come in contact with so many important people, and has attended many workshops, thus enriching his experience. He also said that “ My office is so far away from FOCHTA so that I may not be able to appreciate the work done by them, but I know FOCHTA has given a lot of smiles to thousands of people through their educational support to them”. 

Chifundo Makwinja will finish his third year by the third week of September, 2019 in a bachelor degree for nutrition and food science and has one more year to go. Chifundo is taking his studies very seriously, as he does with his religion. 

Funani Malata started his second year from August 2019 doing a bachelor degree in surgery at the College of Medicine. He started as a mature student, having obtained his diploma before in clinical science. He is happy with his studies and is managing well.

Innocent Banda has just finished his first year studies doing a bachelor degree in theology at Mzuzu University. He has passed his exams well and no doubt will have a good future in front of him.

Alambeje Daniel has finished her second year in IT at a college in Lilongwe, the capital of Malawi. She was sent there by FOCHTA because at that time, due to her limited movement on wheelchairs, there was no where else where she could study for that course without having to travel. Now, she is on a six month attachment doing administrative work for FOCHTA in our office This is made possible with a women’s hostel just opened in our college. FOCHTA is very much encouraged by her setting an example of resilience and hard work. 

Judith Duston was able to start tailoring course with a sponsorship obtained from Amy Tam in HK. It is Judith’s wish to someday start her own tailoring shop.

Ganizani Mingo is now in his third year doing a bachelor of science degree majoring in biomedical engineering, a five year course. He is a very diligent student and has passed all his exams without problem. Ganizani came from a very poor family, without parents, and he was supported when young by one of his brothers who sold small fish to make a living, but later was not able to make a living doing that. Luckily, FOCHTA came in to support him first in his secondary  school education, and now doing this five-year course.



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