Science classes are important for girls

Malawi has recently introduced a new science curriculum, and most teachers in Community Day Secondary Schools are under-qualified to deliver these lessons. Through the Girl Child Education Promotion Project funded by BICO, a local NGO, FOCHTA was tasked with training several under-qualified teachers. 

Two teachers, Mr & Mrs Nkhoma, were invited to conduct the workshop. Mr Nkhoma is a school headmaster who is currently studying a master degree and his wife is a teacher with a master degree. Training included also the importance of encouraging girls to participate in class, to dare to ask questions. The Senior Schools Inspector of Shire Highlands Education Division thanked FOCHTA for its support to the education sector, and asked those teachers attending to share their newly found knowledge with colleagues. He asked FOCHTA to also roll out the exercise to other schools in Shire Highlands District.

Girls should be able to attend classes every school day

Girls in rural areas are frequently unable to attend school when they are menstruating. They do not have the money to buy sanitary pads. This of course impacts on their studies. FOCHTA trained ten girls from two community day secondary schools and several teachers in crafting re-usable sanitary pads. As well as helping the girls themselves, this will become a small income generating activity when the sanitary pads are sold to others.

Two more young women graduated recently

As well as supporting secondary school students through bursaries, FOCHTA supports several young people through tertiary studies. Ireen Miteche and Treaser Thomas graduated in July 2017 from Chancellor College.

Ireen, supported by John Wong and Sylvia Brotherton, graduated with a B. Ed (Languages) and Treaser, supported by Prof. Don Ferrin, with a Physics degree. FOCHTA is grateful to these and to all other kind donors. Treaser is currently applying for a scholarship to do a physics honors degree in astrophysics and space science at a university in South Africa.

Mwayi Benjamin’s story

Mwayi is studying IT level 4 at our VTC. She was raised by her mother in her home village of Samuti. After finishing secondary school in 2015 she found no way to continue her education, rejecting the idea on an early marriage, and with her pastor’s encouragement applied to FOCHTA for a bursary.

She now enjoys studying at our centre, saying: “ I find the staff and lecturer understand our needs. I appreciate the well-stocked library and feels secure in the FOCHTA environment”, adding: “Thank you so much FOCHTA for bringing back my hope”.

Thank you to all our donors who support needy students, enabling them to attend classes in different trades at our vocational training centre.

Posted on: Sunday, 17 September 2017 at: 4:04 pm
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