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Billy Bokosi graduated five years ago with a diploma of clinical medicine which qualified him to be a clinical officer. In Malawi, this is like a rank between a nurse and a doctor. A clinical officer can do normal consultations and even surgeries. Many when they have gathered enough experience open their own clinic, as is the case with Billy, who recently opened the Chisitu Medical Clinic in the Mulanje region.




Billy never forgets what FOCHTA has done to him. He said “ FOCHTA has been to me and others a mother of motherless children”. He  further added that “I am what I am because of FOCHTA. Therefore I can only pay back by supporting other orphans”. This year in September when the school year started, he has supported 10 students to start with their secondary school education. 


Billy’s elder brother Gift was also a beneficiary of FOCHTA in his secondary school education and then obtained the same diploma as Billy. He has been studying medicine in the College of Medicine and will finish by next year.


Cecilia Minjera finished her secondary school education in 2009 then obtained a diploma in general fitting, a course that teaches mechanical maintenance. She has been employed in the railway department as a maintenance officer. Her job is to certifies that trains are in working order. This requires her to travel all over the network which she enjoys.


Cecilia lost both her parents when she was young. Life was very difficult for her and her three siblings. Cecilia was very appreciative of what FOCHTA has been able to change her life to the better. She said that “from the bottom of my heart, I will always be thankful to FOCHTA”. Cecilia is very fond of playing sports, from basketball, soccer, netball to volley ball. Now that she is an experienced railway officer, she is very settled in her life and is planning to spend more time helping other beneficiaries of FOCHTA.


Posted on: Thursday, 29 November 2018 at: 2:56 pm
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