Ireen Now a Teacher

Ireen Miteche, a recent graduate in B.Education is  now a teacher in Chiradzulu Community Day Secondary School in the Chiradzulu District. She was one of our beneficiaries for her secondary and university education. She is finding the students very friendly and enjoying her job. Apart from teaching, she is also tasked with serving as a school librarian assisted by two boy and two girl students. In addition, she is a member of a group in charge of keeping the school tidy. Every morning before class, several students sweep and mop the classrooms being supervised by teachers. 

Ireen has always been very interested and active in theatre art. It is her wish to start a drama club in the school with the aim of improving the English vocabulary for students and to gain confidence for them as well. Ireen has always been very active in helping with activities organized by FOCHTA. In August, she was one of the panelists participating a workshop for FOCHTA beneficiaries. 


Posted on: Tuesday, 4 September 2018 at: 10:42 am
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