FOCHTA alumni and families are thriving and contributing to the community

The following graduates, as well as working in their chosen fields, have settled well into family life:

 -  Violet Mlozi graduated with a B Ed, sponsored by Beth McVicker Murphy. She now teaches in a secondary school. She is married, with two young children.

 -  Funani Malata is another clinical officer serving as a midwife in a large district hospital. Starting in September, he will be studying for a Bachelor of Obstetrics & Gynaecology Degree at the College of Medicine. He is sponsored by Professor Don Ferrin. He is married with a five month old baby.

 -  Clara Lemani completed a masters degree in Statistical Science at Cape Town University in S. Africa - the only student beneficiary to have studied in another country -  is now working as a research officer in a health research institution based in Lilongwe, the capital. This institution is working in conjunction with an American university to research family planning, malaria, HIV/AIDS, cancer and maternal health. Clara married two years ago and now has a six month old child.

 -  Treaser Thomas, who obtained a B Sc two years ago, is now working as a research assistant and data officer in The Blantyre Health Research & Training Trust. Her current project is to plan and coordinate a workshop in Quality Management Systems in Clinical Settings. Treaser is married to a meteorology lecturer. They now have a seven month old baby called Luther, which means wisdom.

-  Amadu Bwanali and his wife are happy to have their first baby, a girl, born two months ago. Amadu obtained his degree in B Soc. He is now a district operations officer in CAMFED, a British NGO.

 -  Brenda Jeremiah obtained a B Sc (Nursing & Midwifery) and is now in charge of a maternity ward in the largest hospital at Blantyre. Apart from being kept busy in her work and looking after her young child, she is also an active member in the FOCHTA Board of Trustees with special responsibility to mentor girl students. Last year, the Indian Government sent her to complete a relevant course in India.




Posted on: Sunday, 23 June 2019 at: 11:12 am
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