Eight IT Students Passed the UK based ABMA exams

Recently 8 students sat for the UK’s ABMA exams. Three have passed with merits in Level 4 while five have passed with merits in Level 5 exams. These results speak to the fine teaching performance of IT teacher Emmanuel Phiri. One of the eight students is Eula Chizunzi, who had taken time off a couple of days each week to attend this course. Eula is a primary school teacher who works very far away in the lowlands at Chikwawa, requiring her to travel five hours each way to our college. She teaches 187 students in her class.There is no desk or chair in the classroom. There is one other teacher taking turns with her to teach. But such is not unusual in rural Malawi. 




Posted on: Saturday, 15 June 2019 at: 7:00 am
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