Congratulations to Bachelor Science Physics graduate Treaser Anderson

FOCHTA beneficiary Treaser Anderson should feel very proud of herself as she is only one of three female B Sc Physics students to ever graduate from Malawi University. 

Treaser is supported by Don Ferrin and family in Singapore. Below is an edited version of a letter Don received recently from Treaser.

FOCHTA congratulates Treaser on her exceptional results and wishes her all the best for her future endeavours. 

Dear Don,

How is life fairing for you? I have been well, and well I believe you too.

First things first, I want to let you know that I graduated on 26th July, 2017, finally. I was awarded with the Bachelor of Science degree which I passed with credit. For some time I couldn’t believe that it was me. At fourth year last semester school was so hard on me to the extent that I lost track of defending my degree, I lost confidence again. All I wanted then was to pass and move out of school. But the way things turned out, I guess I was still working hard to my best but I just had lost the track.

In my class, I was the only lady being a major of physics, on top of that I was the best bachelor of science physics major. This one is the second one. The department was so impressed. In a long time there had never been a lady who could come to study physics, but I did. So far in Malawi, I only know two alumni who have been ladies majoring physics. The first is the one who gave a motivational talk on our graduation, on behalf of alumni association of Malawi university, who graduated in 1997. The other was a classmate to one of the lecturers who taught me in fourth year and I happened to interact with her when I was working at her office as an intern. Probably there might be at most 10 of them in Malawi University’s history. So, one of my lecturers offered me a link to apply for honours programme in South Africa. I was given two choices, to study at North West university, or to go at KwaZulu Natal university where I should study astrophysics and space science honours degree. It is fully funded by the National Astrophysics and Space Science Program (NASSP). And I said yes I will go!  Who knows I may end up becoming the first lady to teach Physics at my department.

I was more than excited to receive the news, it was the greatest surprise for this season. The application’s deadline is 31st August, and am still working towards processing my passport so I can complete the application. I so much believe I can win this.

After leaving school in December 2016, the following March I got an opportunity to work as an intern in the government’s Ministry of Natural Resources, Energy and Mining; at the Department of Climate Change and Meteorological Services for four months. I was working under funding from the World Bank and I was working as a meteorologist.

I have so much to write to you and I am more thankful that you had to sacrifice so I could get an education. I was a nobody, but soon I am becoming someone honourable, who others can look up to as well. I do not take this for granted, am so thankful. And May God continue to bless you abundantly so you can do this same thing to others. Thanks a lot.



Posted on: Tuesday, 8 August 2017 at: 7:25 pm
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