A Big Honor For FOCHTA Chairman


Our FOCHTA Chairman Steven Labana has recently returned from a trip to Brussels and London. Steven was the first ever local Malawian to be sent by MSF Belgium to Europe to learn new skills and receive further training for his work for MSF.

 Steven  has been working for MSF Belgium for over twenty years. His current position carries three hats: as the MSF’s Knowledge Manager/Logistics Project Developer/Technical Activity Manager. 

On May 26, he attended in Brussels a Presentation for the Scientific Day entitled Social Mapping in Malawi and Decision-Making of Same in Response to Disasters. While in Brussels, Steven also found time to meet up with FOCHTA’s very firm supporters. These included Danielle Moucq and several others, all of whom have untiringly helped to organize fundraising events for FOCHTA over the years. He also enjoyed very much the sightseeing tour of Brussels being shown by Danielle as well as having dinner with Danielle and her friends in her home. Steven also had dinner on another day with Genevieve Bielen, a firm friend of FOCHTA who had visited our NGO two years ago. Steven was thus able to thank her personally for her own as well as her father’s donation to us. In addition, to thank her for the donation by the hospital in Liege that she works in. 

Steven then flew to London as he had planned to attend the Knowledge Management Training workshop. But because of flight delay, he missed out on that. This will now be re-scheduled in September. 

FOCHTA is very proud of Steven, our co-founder and chairman of the board, to have made such a trip, not only for MSF Belgium, but also to brief our friends in Belgium of what FOCHTA has been working on now. By the way, our other, the third co-founder, Dr. Leopold Buhendra, had also worked for MSF Belgium for over 17 years. He is now working for another NGO in Malawi. 

Posted on: Friday, 22 June 2018 at: 1:39 pm
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